Totally unofficial and informal class meet up?

Would anyone be interested in meeting sometime before/after class for a general discussion about the work we’ve covered so far, ideas for the upcoming assignments, pretty much anything else?

I often find informal meetings like this help with the class and in networking. If you’re interested, post here!

5 thoughts on “Totally unofficial and informal class meet up?

  1. That would be great but I wouldn’t be able to do it before since I already leave work a little early to get to the GC (I work in the Bronx). If there are any labs that a few of us are not going to attend maybe we can meet up on those evenings after class?

  2. I’d love to do this! Especially before the paper is due. Lisa, I like the idea of choosing a meeting after class on a day that folks aren’t planning on attending lab. Any thoughts on October 24?

  3. Inés and I might be meeting Tuesday between 2 and 4. All are welcome to join us!

    I will be attending the lab on the 24 but I like the idea of meeting during that time-slot. I will likely not attend one of the last two (Nov 7 / 14).


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